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Have you been injured on the playing field? Contact our sports physiotherapy experts in Everton Park on 07 3354 1819.
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Class Timetable

We have a range of classes here at Everton Park Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy.

Due to our small class sizes please ensure you book your spot by calling 3354 1819 or seeing staff at reception.

EPP class timetable 2018

Class Descriptions

Clinical Pilates

Please see our Clinical Pilates page for more info on this class.

Mat Pilates

This is a general group class suitable for all fitness levels. It does not require an initial Pilates assessment with the physio as it does not use individual programs.

Pilates emphasises your body’s core: the abdominals, lower back, inner and outer thighs, gluteals and more. It develops strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, good posture and helps prevent injury in other training and day to day life. Appropriate for varying levels of conditioning, Pilates focuses on correct form and works your whole body.

Restore & Release

This class involves the use of foam rollers and massage balls for self-myofascial release and relief of muscle tension. It increases flexibility and mobility, assists in the recovery of muscles following physical activity, helps to minimise post-exercise muscle soreness and reduces tension and tightness in muscles and connective tissue.

Prenatal Pilates

This Pilates class is designed to keep your body strong during pregnancy and prepare for better recovery post-birth. This class will enable you to maintain strength in your core, back and glutes which will assist in reducing weakening of the pelvic floor, the extent of abdominal separation, lower back pressure and pain, hip and pelvic issues and other common musculoskeletal problems experienced during pregnancy.

Our prenatal Pilates classes cater for all fitness levels, whether you have been exercising before your pregnancy or want to start now to best take care of yourself and your baby.

This class is suitable to attend after your 12 week scan and the go-ahead from your GP or obstetrician.

Prenatal Care Class Series

Please see our Prenatal Care Class Series page for more info on this class series.


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