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Have you been injured on the playing field? Contact our sports physiotherapy experts in Everton Park on 07 3354 1819.
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Physiotherapist’s can play a strong role in the area Women’s Health

We are qualified to treat areas of antenatal and postnatal musculoskeletal concerns such as back and pelvic pain, core weakness, posture and alignment issues, separation of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor concerns.



We can help you to graduate your return to activity and sport without pain or pelvic floor issues. Our real time ultrasound machine can be used to show your core muscle activation and help you learn how to recruit these muscles properly to prevent pain and injuries.



We can also assist in incontinence and bladder re-training with exercises and education regarding your pelvic floor function.


We are also very excited to be holding our Prenatal Care Class Series!


Read more info here.


Did you know that one in three women have some form of pelvic floor dysfunction throughout their lifetime?

This can have a massive physical, emotional and social impact on their lives.


As Physiotherapists, we aim to help, support and care for women with pelvic floor issues. This includes a thorough assessment, specific education, hands-on treatment and exercise prescription to manage concerns and help return to daily activities pain and worry free. We also offer one-on-one Pilates programs designed specifically for you.

Women’s health physiotherapy can cover a wide range of areas not just focusing on the Pelvic Floor, and can help if you are looking for relief or guidance in any of these areas below:


Young pregnant women doing exercise using a fitness ball
  • Treatment for pain in your lower back, SIJ or pubic symphysis
  • Rectus diastasis (separation of tummy muscles) prevention and rehabilitation
  • Management of post-perineal tears
  • Core support training
  • Education on self-care, labour and birth preparation and what to expect throughout your pregnancy
  • Guidance for return to activities, exercise and sport

Incontinence (leaking)

  • Pelvic Floor training
  • Strategies to manage stress incontinence or urgency

Gynaecological surgery

  • Post-op bladder and pelvic floor training

For effective and affordable physiotherapy treatments, contact our clinic today.